Kako se kaže grupa...?

Engleski jezik obiluje zanimljivim i nesvakidašnjim primerima, zato smo pripremili listu nekoliko zanimljivih primera.

Srećno učenje!


Apes - A shrewdness

Bats - A colony

Bears - A sloth, sleuth

Buffalo - A gang, an obstinacy (I suspect these refer to old world buffalo; use “herd” for American bison)

Cats - A clowder, a pounce; for kittens…A kindle, litter, an intrigue

Cattle - A drove, herd

Deer - A herd, bevy (refers only to roe deer)

Dogs - A litter (young), pack (wild), cowardice (of curs); specific to hounds…A cry, mute, pack, kennel

Elephants - A herd

Ferrets - A business

Fox - A leash, skulk, earth

Giraffes - A tower

Goats - A tribe, trip

Gorillas - A band

Hippopotamuses - A bloat

Horses  - A team, harras, rag (for colts), stud (a group of horses belonging to a single owner, string (ponies)

Hyenas - A cackle

Kangaroos - A troop

Leopards - A leap

Lions - A pride

Martens - A richness

Moles - A labor

Monkeys - A troop, barrel

Mules - A pack, span, barren

Otters - A romp

Oxen - A team, yoke

Pigs - A drift, drove, litter (young), sounder (of swine), team, passel (of hogs), singular (refers to a group of boars)

Porcupines - A prickle

Rabbits - A colony, warren, nest, herd (domestic only), litter (young); specific to hares…A down, husk

Rhinoceroses - A crash

Seals - A pod, herd

Sheep - A drove, flock, herd

Squirrels - A dray, scurry

Tigers - A streak

Whales - A pod, gam, herd

Wolves - A pack, rout or route (when in movement)

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Birds in general - A flight (in the air), flock (on the ground), volary, brace (generally for gamebirds or waterfowl, referring to a pair or couple killed by a hunter)

Buzzards - A wake

Bobolinks - A chain

Chicks (of many species) - A brood; clutch

Coots - A cover

Cormorants - A gulp

Cranes - A sedge

Crows - A murder, horde

Doves - A dule, pitying (specific to turtle doves)

Ducks - A brace, flock (in flight), raft (on water) team, paddling (on water), badling

Eagles - A convocation

Flamingos - A stand

Geese - A flock, gaggle (on the ground), skein (in flight)

Gulls - A colony

Hawks - A cast, kettle (flying in large numbers), boil (two or more spiraling in flight)

Herons - A sedge, a siege

Owls - A parliament

Parrots - A company

Partridge - A covey

Peacocks - A muster, an ostentation

Penguins - A colony

Pheasant - A nest, nide (a brood), nye, bouquet

Quail - A bevy, covey

Ravens - An unkindness

Sparrows - A host

Storks - A mustering

Swallows - A flight

Swans - A bevy, wedge (in flight)

Turkeys - A rafter, gang

Woodpeckers - A descent


Reptiles and Amphibians

Crocodiles - A bask

Frogs - An army

Toads - A knot

Turtles - A bale, nest

Snakes, vipers - A nest



Fish in general - A draft, nest, school, shoal (some authors claim that the common “school” is a corruption of shoal, and therefore incorrect)

Bass - A shoal

Herring - An army

Sharks - A shiver

Trout - A hover



Ants - A colony

Bees - A grist, hive, swarm

Caterpillars - An army

Clams - A bed

Cockroaches - An intrusion

Flies - A business

Gnats - A cloud, horde

Grasshoppers - A cloud

Hornets - A nest

Jellyfish - A smack

Locusts - A plague

Oysters - A bed


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